2014 Accenture Match Play Championship


Are Your Ready for Some … Golf

GolfThe Big One is coming to Dove Mountain! We’re referring to the Accenture Match Play Championship that begins on February 17th, running through the 23rd at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain.This triumphant return of a World Class tourney has something special lined-up for the fans. It marks the first time the PGA TOUR will be letting you get intimately involved.

Called Accenture Match Play Championship Bracket Challenge, everyone is invited to visit the PGA website early to dare friends, family and co-workers to a friendly competition. This sweet-deal allows people to pick a winner for every individual match. While you won’t get a billion bucks from Warren Buffett, you too will be scored. Winning points as you pick the winners.

Did you say something about prizes for us sideliners? Not only is the bracket free to enter, if you pick the top players, there’s something waiting for you behind door number 3.

So, what kind of gifts are we talking about?

• The first-place prize is a Michelob Ultra Mountain Bike.

• Second-place cops you a Bose QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphone.

Here’s a date to ink-in on your calendar: Starting February 16th, those who register can start picking the putters. But don’t sit curled-up in a sand trap. The deadline to become involved is just a few days after the start — like Feb. 19; five-minutes before the tournament tees-off. “One of the most exciting aspects of this event is the opportunity for fans to fill-out a bracket and get invested in each and every result as the matches unfold,” Executive Director of the Accenture Match Play Championship, Gerald Goodman explains. “We love to see fans get so involved in the tournament and truly have a stake in the matches because of the Accenture Match Play Championship Bracket Challenge. The early launch and new prizes should give fans even more reason to participate in this year’s contest.” You in? Then go here to sign-up.

Speaking of Getting In

You don’t want to miss American Matt Kuchar, as he defends his title against the top 64 players in the Official World Golf Ranking in person, right? Time to start thinking about tickets for this multi-day event. Don’t worry, we’ll make things right toward the end of this article. It’s a family affair, too. Take along the young’uns. As long as they roll-in at under 18-years of age, it’s free for them, as long as they come through the gate with a paying adult. No limit, either, so bring the whole gang.

Ever Been to The Golf Club at Dove Mountain?

As the eyes of the universe fall on Marana — just north of Tucson — not only will they see the planet’s top 64 golfers at their best, the course itself is something to behold. Let’s talk a little about the layout. Golf’s legend, Jack Nicklaus, brought his first course to the Tucson region in a quarter-of-a-century a few years back. His goal, to keep the spectator in clear focus:

• Giving guests a destination resort that rivals the best.

• Creating a lush, private club for members of the golf community.

• And luring the game’s top players to compete every year in a World Class championship event.

It’s been doing that since the first swing in January, 2009.

As the host for the World Golf Championship — Accenture’s Match Play event, Nicklaus proudly touts to the audience, “You have the opportunity to relate to those players and say, ‘Hey, I saw Tiger here, he didn’t get it up-and-down, and I did.’ Those are the kind of things that I think make the game fun.” Nestled on a mountainside in the High Sonoran Desert’s lush surroundings, The Golf Club at Dove Mountain has many challenges. But fair ones, despite its lofty desert altitude of 23-to-3-thousand feet. Nicklaus, throwing on his soothsayers cap, has said, “I’m going to promise you, in two or three years this is going to be one of the favorite golf courses on the PGA TOUR. These guys are going to learn it how to play it and say, ‘It’s a challenge, but man, I enjoy playing it.’ That’s going to happen.”

But Wait, There More …

Sure, you’ve got this incredible playground. However, the pleasure extends beyond the greens. Up for a hike? Check-out the magnificent Saguaro forest, trekking along the Tortolita Mountains. Take-in a leisurely casual nature walk or hitch your wagon to an bona fide, Old West trail ride. With 20-miles of National Park-quality adventure programs, guided jeep tours, hiking trails and clearly marked mountain biking routes, no need to get overheated. The Ritz Carlton boasts three swimming pools. One even has 235-foot adventure water slide! After visiting, you might want to set-up permanent shop in the area. That’s where we come in. We’re the Keany Team. Get to know us as Judith and Joe. When you bring us on-board, we’ll make the business of Dove Mountain Real Estate easier and more cost-effective for you. We will work tirelessly like no other Tucson, AZ Real Estate Agents. As Tucson is a world class golf destination, you can bet there are hundreds of high quality Tucson Golf Homes to search and preview.

Now, Back to the Game

Have we got some links to get you on the links? You bet your Titleists we do. For folks who’d like to get a closer look at the schedule, check this out. How about flipping through an advanced peek of the program? Click here for the Official Program link. Can’t wait to see some action? The PGA has produced a video that gets you ready for the Big One. Take a few minutes and enjoy. Last, but not least, you want tickets, right? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten. Slip by here to pick-up some passes to enjoy the February 17th-through-the-23rd tournament at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain. One final piece of housekeeping. Parking is 10-bucks per vehicle per day (for those without an official championship parking pass). Let’s ace this! See you there!

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